Direct Talent Approach

Due to our extensive network of clients, we are able to work with outstanding candidates and present them with a portfolio of suitable opportunities.

In a highly competitive market place, we can introduce specialist candidates to appropriate teams and help candidates to understand which institutions will offer them the best career opportunities. In this way, with total discretion and professionalism, we are able to present leading individuals with their next career step.

Direct Talent Approach

How we achieve industry-specific the desired results by addressing candidates directly.

A high level of professionalism at the first contact is the basic requirement for the success in the direct approach. In order to guarantee this quality, the initial contact with the candidate will be always carried out by our senior consultants.

We attach great importance to:

  • Maintaining the discretion of our client
  • Targeting information about the position, the company and the environment of the company
  • Concrete statements about the position to be filled, the perspectives and career chances
  • Information on any existing risks or challenges
  • Regular and timely information on the status of the project

In this way, we are able to successfully fill national and international top positions through the direct approach.

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